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Revised submission

This page includes instructions for authors on how to resubmit their manuscripts to Verbum et Ecclesia, after the formal peer review process. For details of how to prepare and submit a new manuscript via the online manuscript submission system, please see the instructions for authors.

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Preparing your manuscript for resubmission 

The Editor-in-Chief will assess your resubmission based on the reviewers’ suggested comments and may send the manuscript to another cycle of peer review.

When starting the resubmission process ensure that you have the following documentation prepared for uploading:

  • Point-by-point response letter to the Editor-in-Chief.
    • This is a document that provides a detailed account of how you have responded to editorial and peer review comments and other guidance you may have received. Where suggestions have not been followed you must explain and justify your decision. This should include specific reference by section, page, and paragraph number to alterations in the text.
  • Annotated version of the revisions made on the original manuscript.
  • Clean version of the revised manuscript.

All of the above documentation will need to be uploaded to make a successful resubmission to the journal. Image files need only be uploaded if changes have been made in the figures since the previous version.

Time frame: Revisions received more than three months after being requested may be sent for another review cycle, at the editor’s discretion. If a revision is not received within six months, your file may be closed and considered withdrawn from consideration.

Instructions on how the resubmission process work 

When the editor dealing with your submission chooses to ask for a revision, you will be notified by email. In the journals’ personalised section your submission will move in the active table from the status In Review to In Review: Revisions Required.

When you prepare a revised version of your manuscript, it is essential that you carefully follow the instructions given in the editor’s letter. Use the standard uploading format (as described for original submissions), but include both a clean copy of your manuscript and an annotated copy describing the changes you have made. Failure to do so will cause a delay in the review of your revision.

If references, tables, or figures are moved, added, or deleted during the revision process, renumber them to reflect such changes so that all tables, references and figures are cited in numeric order. Images need only be uploaded if changes have been made in the figures since the previous version.

The annotated copy should have highlights on the changes (either by using the Track Changes function in Word or by highlighting or underlining text) with notes in the text referring to the editor or reviewer query (e.g. highlighted text [R2.2] would be the second comment from reviewer 2, and highlighted text [E1.4] would be the fourth comment from the editor). Be sure when you upload your annotated version that the changes are clearly visible on the Word (.doc) file prior to resubmission.

You should create a point-by-point response letter specifying how you have addressed each of the editor’s and reviewer’s comments.

Using the review version of your manuscript, edit and revise your submission according to the reviewers' and editor's comments, and follow the steps:

  1. When you have addressed the comments and completed your revisions, log into your journals’ personalised section and click on In Review: Revisions Required.
  2. Under the Editor Decision, click the bubble () icon to view the editor's decision letter. If needed, you may view the original editor and reviewer comments by clicking files linked under the Review Round.
  3. Once your revisions are correctly formatted and prepared, click on Browse to begin uploading your revised manuscript from your desktop. Ensure to upload a a clean -annotated - and point-by-pointversion as part of your revised manuscript submission.

Once all three documents are uploaded, you will need to inform the editor via email of your resubmission. Click on the email () icon and proceed to type and email the editor.

Support video:

  • Click here to view a video on how to check the status of your article online.

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