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Anders lees, sien, praat en glo – ‘n antwoord op ander se lees van ‘Om die Bybel anders te lees: ‘n Etiek van Bybellees’

Gerrie Snyman

Verbum et Ecclesia; Vol 31, No 1 (2010), 13 pages. doi: 10.4102/ve.v31i1.303

Submitted: 07 October 2009
Published:  06 July 2010


To read, see, talk and believe differently – a response to other readers’ reading of ‘Om die Bybel anders te lees: ‘n Etiek van Bybellees’

As any exegesis is necessarily preceded by certain theological convictions, the author of the book Om die Bybel anders te lees: ‘n Etiek van Bybellees (2007) responds to criticism on the book flowing from a seminar – especially the remarks made by Hans van Deventer and Jurie le Roux. Firstly, the ideas on a changed view of the deity are discussed. This conversation is augmented by a discussion of the criticism levelled at the idea that reading the Bible has consequences for other people, and that a different reading would lead to a different concept of God. Van Deventer’s comments regarding the difficulty of debating theological issues are strengthened by a critical discussion of a debate in Die Kerkblad regarding the grammatical-historical method. His critical remarks regarding the value of a historical consciousness are discussed by way of a question on the relationship between a liberal theology and a conservative political point of view. Le Roux’s struggle with Snyman’s utilisation of apartheid as a rhetorical strategy leads the discussion to a recent example of overcoming racism while using unreflectingly racist imagery. This example indicates how theology effects cosmetic changes, without taking on the real issue. For this reason, the author concludes that a critical reading of the own Western tradition in Africa has become necessary.


--- Abstract translated into Sipedi ---

Go bala, go bona, go bolela le go dumela ka go fapana - go arabela go balwa ga 'Om die Bybel anders te lees: ‘n Etiek van Bybellees' ke babadi ba bangwe

Bjale ka ge go fetleka Bibele go etwa pele ke ditumelo tša go tiba tša teologi, mongwadi wa Om die Bybel anders te lees: ‘n Etiek van Bybellees (2007) o arabela ditsholo tša puku ye tšeo di tswetšwego ke seminare ye e fetilego - kudu ditshwayotshwayo tša Hans van Deventer le Jurie le Roux. Sa pele, go ahlaahlwa dikgopolo tše fetogilego ka Modimo. Poledišano ye e tlatšwa ke go ahlaahla tsholo ye e lebanywago le gore go bala Bibele go na le khuetšo ye itsego go batho ba bangwe, le gore go bala ka tsela ya go fapana go tlo tliša kgopolo ya go fošagala ka Modimo. Ditshwayotshwayo tša Van Deventer mabapi le bothata bja go ngangišana ka ditaba tša teologi di loišwa ke go ahlaahla ka tsholo ka go Die Kerkblad poledišano mabapi le mokgwa wa go hlatholla Bibele ka go sekaseka popopolelo(gramatika) le histori ya tlholego ya yona. Ditshwayotshwayo tša gagwe mabapi le mohola wa boitemogo bja go tlišwa ke histori di ahlaahlwa ka tsela ya potšišo tswalanong ya teologi ya tokologo le kgopolo ya sepoloiki ya go gana diphetogo. Bothata bja Le Roux mabapi le kgopolo ya Snyman ya go re kgethollo go ya ka merafe e šomišwa e le tsela ya go tšhela phori mahlong e iša poledišano ye go mohlala wo e sego wa kgale wa go fenya semorafe ka go šomiša seswantšhokgopolo sa semorafe sa pepeneng. Mohlala wo o laetša ka fao teologi e amago diphetogo tša ka mehla maphelong a batho ntle le go lebanya ditaba tša paale thwii. Ka lona lebaka leo, mongwadi o ruma ka go re go bala setšo sa batho ba Bodikela mo Afrika ka tshekatsheko le phetleko ya go tiba go tloga go nyakega.

--- End of translation ---

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Author affiliations

Gerrie Snyman, University of South Africa, South Africa


gesag van die Bybel; Bybeluitleg; historiese bewussyn; Gereformeerde teologie; etiek van lees


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