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Focus and Scope

Verbum et Ecclesia is a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary theological journal in South Africa. This academic journal, owned by the Centre for Ministerial Development of the Dutch Reformed Church and situated at the Faculty of Theology at the University of Pretoria, not only inter-relates the various theological disciplines (eg. Old Testament Studies; New Testament Studies; Practical Theology; Dogmatics and Ethics; Church History and Church Polity; Missiology and Science of Religion; Biblical and Religious Studies), but serve as catalyst to connect Theology and Religion with various fields in the Humanities, Social- and even Natural Sciences (Biology; Zoology, Medical Sciences, etc). This broad focus expands the borders of focused theological research by combining theological disciplines with other scientific disciplines.

One of the primary aims of Verbum et Ecclesia is to publish research articles in all the fields of theology, biblical languages, philosophy and patristic studies which are relevant to both church and society in South Africa, Africa and the world. The journal endeavours to erect an academic bridge between African, Asian and First World (American and European) theologies and religious developments.

It is a primary objective of the journal to make an academic contribution with regard to theology and religion in South Africa, Africa and the international academic world by supporting original research undertaken by theologians, philosophers, scholars and ministers in the fields of religious, social and related sciences. Articles are published in English, Afrikaans, German, Dutch and Sipedi.


Section Policies


Verbum et Ecclesia is a scholarly theological journal that publishes primarily articles from all the theological sub-disciplines namely, Old and New Testament Studies, Church Dogmatics and Ethics, Science of Religion and Missiology, Practical Theology, and Church History and Polity. When articles relate theological themes with any other Human-, Social- and Natural Sciences they are fit to be considered for publication in Verbum et Ecclesia. Authors are invited to submit contributions in a variety of languages: Afrikaans, English, German, Dutch, Flemish and Isipedi.

Contributions must reflect original research and should not been published elsewhere before. Submitted articles undergo a blind peer-review process before being accepted for publication, and if necessary, returned to the author for revision or correcting mistakes. Articles will be refused for publication if the blind peer-review process has declined the article because of the lack of academic, language or other orthographic requirements.

Unchecked Open Submissions Unchecked Indexed Unchecked Peer Reviewed

Original Research

Original research articles should be between 3500 and 7500 words and should inform readers of innovative research in a particular field within or related to the focus and scope of the journal.  They should also be presented according to a clear and well-structured format. Research published in this section should add to the existing body of knowledge published in this field. Original research articles should be divided into the following sections:

* Introduction
* Methods
* Results
* Discussion
* Conclusions
* Acknowledgements (if applicable)
* References
* Conflict of interest

A structured abstract of 250 words is required for this section, and should be ordered under the following sections: Setting, Objectives, Method, Results and Conclusion

Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Book Review

Book reviews should be between 500 and 1000 words. Books reviews are mostly invited but submissions to this section are also welcome. Please provide details of the book publisher, the book’s ISBN number, the price of the book in United States dollars and a 300dpi resolution image of the book cover. No abstract is needed for this section.

Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Special Issue on Violence

Unchecked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Tweede Tempel Periode in Israel

Unchecked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Festschrift: Prof. D.E. de Villiers

Unchecked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Festschrift Prof. J.H. le Roux

Unchecked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed


Unchecked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Unchecked Peer Reviewed

Festschrift: Prof. J. Muller

  • Johann Meylahn
  • Casparus Wepener
Unchecked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Reviewer Acknowledgement

Unchecked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Unchecked Peer Reviewed

Special issue - Social Cohesion

Unchecked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Ubuntu - Special 2015 issue

Unchecked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

(2016) Ecodomy II

Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

(2016) Gender and sexualities in African contexts

Unchecked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

(2016) Faculty of Theology at UP - 100 years

Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

(2016) Song of Songs

Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Post-secular stories: The Divine in contemporary world literature

Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed


Unchecked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed


Unchecked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

Peer reviewers are asked to make every reasonable effort to ensure the following criteria are taken into account for submitted manuscripts they have agreed to peer review:

  • All manuscripts submitted for review will undergo a double-blind review process.
  • Unbiased consideration should be given to each manuscript, judging each on its merits without regard to the race, religion, nationality, sex, seniority or institutional affiliation of the author.
  • Manuscripts should be dealt with and processed according to the timeframes set out by OJP.
  • The quality of the manuscript, and its experimental and theoretical work, its interpretations, and its exposition will be judged objectively.
  • The peer review process will be kept confidential.
  • Conflicts of interest must be declared.
  • Referees' judgements must be explained and supported. Any statement that an observation, derivation or argument has been previously reported must be accompanied by the relevant citation, and unsupported assertions must be avoided.
  • Whilst the review of a manuscript may justify criticism, even severe criticism, under no circumstances is personal or malicious criticism of the author appropriate or acceptable.
  • Reviewers may be asked to re-appraise a manuscript that was referred back to the authors after a first-round review.
  • In cases where reviewers provide substantively different ratings, a manuscript will be sent to an arbitrator for a final verdict.
  • Reviewers respect the confidentiality of the review process and the proprietary rights of those who have submitted manuscripts.
  • Reviewers must decline a request to review others’ manuscripts if they are aware of a conflict of interest, or they should disclose the nature of the conflict of interest to the Editor.
  • Reviewers may decline the request to review the work of others if they believe the process may be biased or if they have questions about the authenticity or integrity of the reported research.

If you would like to become a reviewer, please visit the following link for reference on how to conduct a review. This will serve as guidance for your review.

Following the review the Editor will evaluate the review reports and make a final decision.

The outcome will be categorised as one of the following:

  • Acceptable as is (apart from editorial changes)
  • Acceptable, but requires minor revision (to the satisfaction of the Editor)
  • Requires major revision and reconsideration (Requires re-review)
  • Reject, not acceptable for publication in Verbum et Ecclesia


Publication Frequency

Verbum et Ecclesia publishes two issues for 2009.  Thereafter Verbum et Ecclesia will publish one issue per year, but individual papers will be published as soon as they are ready, by adding them to the "current" volume and issue’s table of contents. In this way, Verbum et Ecclesia aims to speed up the process of manuscript publication, from submission to becoming available on the website.


Open Access Policy

Publishing an open-access online journal is not without costs, and OpenJournals Publishing defrays these costs from article-processing charges, which we will collect from the authors. We believe that immediate, world-wide, barrier-free, online open-access to the full text of research articles is in the best interest for the scientific and non-scientific communities. Verbum et Ecclesia provides immediate online open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.



This journal utilises the LOCKSS system to create a distributed archiving system among participating libraries and permits those libraries to create permanent archives of the journal for purposes of preservation and restoration. More...

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